Our instructors

IPLS instructors

IPLS excellence in course design and course content is supported by the expertise of its instructors who each has more than seven year’s practical experience in the legal profession. In particular, instructors who teach advocacy are current or recent practitioners in the courts. They bring you relevant and up-to-date experience and examples.

IPLS operates an extensive training programme for instructors with emphasis on the ability to identify individual learning needs. Instructors challenge you to achieve excellence at all times. All instructors are professional, dedicated and committed to delivering the highest quality Practical Legal Training in New Zealand. Our goal is to ensure your study experience at IPLS is practical, interactive, personal and fun.

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In a recent report on IPLS, the accrediting body remarked “IPLS is fortunate to have dedicated, experienced instructors who almost all receive high praise from trainees for the quantity and quality of their instruction.”

Your instructors welcome your questions and queries and provide you with personal assistance with your learning. They are committed to your success and will go out of their way to support you.