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About our course

  • “I particularly appreciated the “stickability” of skills. The training was very relevant to the work I am now doing in practice and gave me the confidence to have a go at everything I was asked to do.” Auckland
  • “During my time at IPLS I learnt how to work well with different people, many practical skills that are applicable in the workplace and how to act like a professional at all times.” Wellington
  • “My favourite parts of Profs were the hands-on practical modules such as interviewing, negotiation, trial preparation and court procedure.” Dunedin
  • “The practical skills are applicable in the work I am doing and have stood me in good stead. The IPLS course was great in that it exposed me to the actual practice of law in the workplace. I would recommend doing Profs as soon as possible. Not only did it help me with finding a job but it’s the only training you will get that gives you an idea about what it will mean to practice law” Christchurch
  • “The best things about the IPLS courses for me were the good class size and the friendly environment which meant you got to know your classmates. It was very practical and you know you will need everything you are learning, so it’s not a waste of time or effort. I highly value what I have been taught and the skills I am acquiring.” Wellington
  • “The face-to-face interaction with fellow students and especially with the instructor.  There is nothing better in study than being able to ask questions and have the explanation clearly and quickly given.
  • “The litigation and mock trials were fun and a great learning experience.  Helped me build much needed confidence in public speaking.  Fabulous!”
  • “It taught me lots of practical skills and tools that were quite different from law school.  It got me interested in litigation and more confident about starting out in the legal profession.”
  • “There were lots of chances to practice various tasks and feedback was really useful.  Also the assessment guides were really helpful.” 
  • “It was the important link missing that I needed in my legal training – have not done anything like this in my university studies.  Nice to finally be familiar with various proceedings and court protocol.” 
  • “I liked both the trial preparation and the trial aspects.  Both practical.  TP was very useful and it taught me the importance of laying a solid infrastructure to run the case.  It was interesting to learn about the protocols of court.  It was very reassuring to know the standard of competence set by IPLS was high and if I ever have to conduct trials I would feel fairly confident I am not going to offend the judge!” 

About our instructors

  • “It was awesome to get feedback and know what was done correctly and what needed improvement.  Was great the instructor was a dedicated teacher and passionate about the course.  Made learning easier.”
  • “The instructor built respect & rapport between herself and the class and between individual students enrolled in the course.  … The instructor’s manner facilitated quick comprehension of the structure of each section of material. …The instructor encouraged students to explore different approaches helping to demystify the legal and non-legal material we would be expected to master for assessment.”
  • “She gave detailed and constructive feedback. She was very organised in getting me into tasks and kept me up to date with everything by sending us regular announcements.”
  • “Very frequent contact with students which I greatly appreciated.  Very clear feedback, very clear explanations of points that needed to be improved and recognition of strengths.”