Individual feedback

Individual feedback every step of the way

Trainees learn in small groups, generally with a ratio of between 8 and 20 trainees to one instructor.  Training revolves around problem-solving realistic client-based tasks. After some initial instruction and demonstration by their instructor, trainees are asked to “give it a go” in relation to new client-based tasks they have not encountered before.

There is a strong emphasis on personal communication between the instructors and trainees with timely and informative feedback. Trainees receive feedback on their performance before undertaking further client-based tasks. This teaching method simulates the realities of legal practice, in which employees are required to attempt a task or transaction before turning to their supervisor for assistance.

By attempting and completing realistic client-based tasks independently while on the course, trainees enhance their ability and confidence in dealing with issues and tasks they may not have encountered before.

Some tasks onsite involve working in a team. This adds enjoyment to the course. Learning to work as part of a team is an important experience for any job. It also leads to excellent ‘networking’ for the future.