Technology requirements

Technology requirements

To undertake the online modules of the IPLS course, trainees will need a computer with Internet access and an email address for the entire duration of the course.  Access to a printer for printing coursework material is also required.


In order to complete coursework online, the computer will need to have a standard web browser, (Internet Explorer 8 or later, or latest version of Firefox). Only IE and Firefox are officially supported by our online course site. If you are using a Mac, the Safari browser is not 100% compatible so you should download and install the Firefox browser and use this for coursework purposes.

Word processing

You will also need to have Microsoft Word installed, so you can view/create documents in the form used by the course and submit work to the course in a form instructors can read.  Alternative (free) word processors that claim to be compatible with MS word (OpenOffice for example) have generally failed on some of the more structured documents/templates etc so we do not recommend you use one of these free solutions.

PDF files – Acrobat reader

Acrobat reader is essential for viewing files in PDF format. Various course documents are published in PDF format and trainees need to be able to open and read these.  The free Acrobat Reader can be downloaded from

It is suggested Mac users download the Adobe PDF reader and not rely on the inbuilt PDF reader that comes as part of the Mac. The internal Mac PDF tools are not 100% compatible with the PDF standards and if students have to complete a PDF form and send it to their instructor using the internal Mac PDF tools, the instructor will probably not be able to read the document.

Email access

Trainees will also need an email address they can access throughout the course – including during the onsite weeks of the course – as work in the Professional Responsibility seminar continues throughout those weeks and Instructors may use this to send you messages or materials. If using one of the free email accounts, trainees will need to ensure they are vigilant in keeping their Inbox empty enough to receive emails and attachments and to check their junk mail every time as some ISPs, such as Hotmail, employ a spam filter that treats some emails from the course as spam.

We strongly recommend the use of a Gmail email account for your coursework as access to Gmail is allowed onsite. We have experienced issues securing access to other email providers and cannot guarantee they will be accessible on site.