Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of Prior Learning

In certain circumstances, it is appropriate for the Institute of Professional Legal Studies (IPLS) to recognise and subsequently exempt a trainee from enrolment in a particular part of the course as a result of previously successfully completing certain seminars at an earlier date.

This is an IPLS-wide policy. It covers requests for RPL from trainees who failed to complete the course for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Ill-health
  • Abandonment of course due to personal reasons.


Subject to the NZCLE Regulations, there can be no RPL for trainees who failed to complete the course for the following reasons:

  • Three Not Yet Competent (NYC) grades due to:
    • Competency level not achieved
    • Non-participation – NZCLE Regulation 4 breached
  • Misconduct (copying work) – NZCLE Regulation 5 breached
  • Divulged or received assessment information – NZCLE Regulation 6 breached

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