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The Institute of Professional Legal Studies’ unique, competency-based programme equips new lawyers with the skills and knowledge required for practice in New Zealand irrespective of the area of law.

We offer Profs onsites during evenings and weekends!

The 18 week evening and weekend course involves 14 weeks of online work and 4 weeks of evenings and Saturdays onsite.

This course is offered in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

Supported Learning

IPLS provides premium quality pre-admission legal training in a fully supported environment.

Customised Courses

We can construct a customised timetable for you!

Just select ‘Customised Course’ in the ‘Course Selection’ question in your Enrolment Form (Step 2, Question 3) and we will send you an email to begin the customisation process!

IPLS Trainee Job Board

Employers looking for candidates for various roles.

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